Contrast cryolipolysis is a modern, nonsurgical procedure used to reduce localized fat, with no damage to the skin or other surrounding tissues. It mixes the principles of conventional cryolipolysis and periods of heating.

Whatmakes this method so effective?
Contrast cryolipolysis applies intervals of heat and cooling to the targeted areas of body fat, facilitating an extremely effective process of fat loss.

Cooling phase

Research shows that fat tissue is much more susceptible to injury by cooling than other surrounding tissues rich in water. Cooling causes the fat cells to crystallize, which as a consequence break down in the process of lipolysis and are naturally removed from the body.

Heating phase

Influences vasodilatation and increases blood flow after the cooling phase. Now crystallized fat cells move, allowing to cool down fat cells in deeper layers of fat tissues. The metabolism accelerated by cell heating facilitates the complete removal of crystallized cells.

Body contouring

A program suitable for the permanent elimination of excess body fat from places that are particularly resistant to weight loss; it allows to achieve a slim figure.

Body toning

A program for fighting cellulite, reducing stretch marks, and evening out the skin tone.

Upper body

Reducing sagging arms and armpit lines, flanks, fat tissue in the abdomen, improving skin tension, and restoring firmness after pregnancy or weight loss.

Lower body

Slimming inner thighs, reducing fat tissue above the knees and located under the buttocks, improving skin firmness, and reducing cellulite.


Facelift – a program allowing to obtain facelift effects, i.e. to improve skin tone, reduce the double chin, and smooth out wrinkles caused by increased production of collagen.

Face and neck – improving skin firmness, reducing the double chin, smoothing out wrinkles, facelifting, evening out skin tone.