“I was suffering of tense muscles in the neck and pain in the lower back. After three treatments it was all gone, and I still feel good 5 weeks later. Best massage I ever had! Good friendly service, all very professional. Excellent experience, very professional and warm staff, highly recommended! I definitely going back! It worked miracles after my whole week of intense Fitness Camp! thank you once again and see you soon!”


“Can’t recommend it often enough. Amazing results! Johannes and his team have a fantastic product and the service is amazing.”

Hugo Gomez

“Beautiful place, feels like another dimension where the Body is treated like the Temple it deserves to be. The CRYO session was amazing, you feel like climbing a mountain afterwards”

Adrian Liviu

“Incredible experience!! I tried Hidrafacial & Cryo. Both treatments are marvelous. Hidrafacial was very relax and the feeling & and sensation that I had later the treatment it was remarkable. Facial are workouts for your skin. Cryo was an experience that I recommend for all the people cause if you have any discomfort in general, injury or you simply want to de-stress … when you finish you will have a feeling of strength. Recommended before going to the gym”


“The same effect on muscle soreness as a massage but in 3 min this is amazing!”

Rafael Motloch – Personal Trainer